Parish churches come to the fore in the fight against mobile not-spots

NET CS, in collaboration with the Church of England and Vodafone, has successfully brought mobile coverage to 11 remote locations in the UK through our NETRAN solution. These initial 11 sites had little to no existing mobile coverage, which left the local communities isolated.

Our NETRAN sites are fully vendor neutral and can accommodate all four Mobile Network Operators. This versatile approach creates abundant opportunities to provide the previously unconnected population with much-needed network coverage. Leveraging the advantages of modern RF equipment, which boasts a smaller physical footprint, we have engineered a cost-effective, streamlined, and rapid deployment solution that is sympathetic to their host structure.

By enabling access to mobile networks, this groundbreaking initiative not only enhances communication for the residents but also opens up a world of possibilities. From accessing educational resources to availing online services and exploring various economic opportunities, these once-isolated communities can now be better connected to the rest of the world. This endeavour aims to bridge the digital divide and empower these regions with the benefits of connectivity.

Read more from the Vodafone press release here

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